Enter to win a Bless Online Steam launch pack from Neowiz and MOP


Bless Online’s Ruins of Shaqqara update is live today in Neowiz’s MMO, and the studio is celebrating with a good old-fashioned giveaway to get some of you in. Yes, it’s technically free-to-play now, but the packs available on Steam are a handy leg up, we think you’ll agree, and Neowiz has granted us 40 keys for different Steam launch packs to pass along to our readers in this sweepstakes. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • 10 keys for the Legendary Warlord pack (worth $99.99), which includes 60 days of premium membership, 7900 Lumena, inventory upgrades, and gobs of cosmetics and buffs
  • 10 keys for the Warlord pack (worth $49.99), which includes 30 days of premium membership, 1200 Lumena, and an assortment of buffs and cosmetic items
  • and 20 keys for the Novice pack (worth $19.99), which includes 30 days of premium membership as well as buffs and cosmetic items.

Please note that this giveaway is open only to those players in regions able to play Bless on Steam right now. Read on to enter to win!

For this giveaway, we’ll be using Rafflecopter to count the entries for us – make sure you’re entering the right one for your preferred console! You can earn entries in the giveaway by completing different steps in Rafflecopter; the question field is mandatory, but following us on Twitter, tweeting about this giveaway, and leaving a comment are optional and result in more entries. Rafflecopter uses javascript, so you’ll need to enable it to see the entry widgets below:

Forty winners selected at random from the total of entries submitted to Rafflecopter will be contacted via email by Massively Overpowered to receive one Bless Online Steam pack; the first 10 winners drawn will receive a Legendary Warlord pack, the second 10 winners will receive a Warlord pack, and the final 20 winners will receive a Novice pack. Entrants are subject to our official contest and giveaway rules and cheaters will be disqualified. Entries will be accepted until the giveaway’s end on Tuesday, November 13th, at 12:00 a.m. EDT (midnight Monday night). We’ll draw the winners and send out keys and redemption instructions by the following Wednesday evening (EST), so make sure you’ve submitted a working email address in Rafflecopter.

Good luck everyone!

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team needs better communication with the players in order to improve


Currently, as everyone says, optimization is a huge issue for Bless Online. Even systems that are way above the recommended system specs are not getting the best performance from the game. However, fixing bugs should also be a huge priority.

Mr Neeo

Neowiz, needs to heavily focus on optimization. The game currently runs very poorly imo (granted I don’t have beast of machine). I personally preferred the old combat style to what we have now, so they need to still play around and tweak that. Any more information on when we will get the Mystic class?

Lethia Myune

If i were Neowiz i would work on optimisation a GREAT lot. Even with lots of .ini tweaks the game still has random moments when the fps goes from 60 to 10 over and over for minutes and it makes me dizzy af. Then i would add more cosmetic stuff… for a korean mmo i must say i am not impressed with the fashion options lol
Goodluck to all the participants

Neilsaku Jettanat

Optimization and communicate more with community.
Also don’t over marketing the game to the non-target audience.

Mikołaj Pasiasty

What would I do? I would definitely work on optimization. I had to find a reddit topic about config files altering to make Bless playable… WTH? Right now it is working fine and I enjoy it. I think that slight change of item shop and subscribers privilages would be also good. Premium currency for teleporting to dungeon? RLY? -_- the game feels like alpha right now – lags, fps is terrible, world boss? forget it 10 fps. city? forget it 12 fps. hunting monsters? yep… 58 fps :D

Colpus (Colpus)

Ye boii


optimize the game pls

Jack Ong

Focus on optimisation, gets laggy in cities