Heroes Evolved holiday gold, points, and skin giveaway, courtesy of NetDragon and MOP

Heroes Evolved is one of multiple NetDragon games celebrating Christmas and the turn of the new year this week, and it's doing it with...
All right then.

Mythic Heroes new player holiday 2023 giveaway courtesy of IGG

IGG has an extra gift under the tree for multiplayer idler RPGs fans - two of them, in fact. First, online battler Mythic Heroes...

World of Warships holiday gift code giveaway for veteran and new players

Earlier this month, World of Warships began a 20-stage holiday event through which players score a Tier VII premium battleship and Kitakami cruiser from...

Grab a new-player starter pack key for mobile MMORTS Viking Rise

When we first stumbled into IGG's mobile MMORTS Viking Rise earlier this year, we noted that the game is not being shy about its...
Doomsday Survivors

Grab a new-player survivor pack key for IGG’s zombie survival MMO Doomsday: Last Survivors

If zombie survival games are still tugging at your nostalgia heartstrings, you might point your brainssss at IGG's Android-and-iPhone Doomsday Last Survivors. The company...

Grab a Lords Mobile new player bundle in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend

IGG's seven-year-old multiplayer mobile-and-PC strategy MMO Lords Mobile has arrived for your after-Thanksgiving coma daze to offer up some freebies on Black Friday in...

Grab an Eternal Return character and skin duo key from Kakao and MOP

Kakao's Eternal Return is just a few weeks out of the gate from early access to live, and already it's releasing its first big...

Grab a new player gift code from spaceship MMO DarkOrbit, courtesy of Bigpoint

DarkOrbit is a long-running sci-fi MMO we haven't peeked in on since 2021, when the Reloaded version of game announced 80M active users. Bigpoint...

Grab a Lords Mobile new player bundle in honor of its How to Train Your Dragon crossover

File this one under "weird collabs, but not even the oddest one we've covered today because it's been one of those days": IGG's seven-year-old multiplayer...

Snag a new-player starter pack key for mobile MMORTS Viking Rise

Here's a new one to us: IGG's mobile MMORTS Viking Rise, which is very much giving off those Game of Thrones vibes with its...

Snag a Heroes Evolved MOBA gift key from NetDragon and MOP

Heroes Evolved is a mobile MOBA we haven't covered in years, and I do mean years, as the game is officially celebrating its sixth...

Grab a World of Warships Legends veteran or newbie gift code from Wargaming and MOP (Console)

Wargaming didn't leave console fans out of the fun this week: World of Warships Legends also has a stack of freebies for our readers...

Grab a World of Warships veteran or newbie gift code from Wargaming and MOP (PC)

World of Warships studio Wargaming has a treat for MassivelyOP readers today in the form of freebies for both veterans and new players in...
Doomsday Survivors

Grab a new-player survivor pack key for IGG’s Doomsday: Last Survivors

If you've got a soft spot for the ol' zombie survival games that used to be everywhere and then dried up, IGG's Android-and-iPhone Doomsday...

Grab a new-player bonus pack key for IGG’s multiplayer Castle Clash

IGG's PC-and-mobile multiplayer battle royale Castle Clash has offered our readers a round of free keys for in-game items to easy them into the...

Grab a Eudemons starter kit in honor of the Swordmaster class launch

Netdragon's MMO Eudemons is busy this month celebrating the launch of a brand-new class, the Swordmaster, who can "control thousands of flying swords and...

Grab a Lords Mobile gift bundle key in honor of its seventh birthday

IGG's multiplayer mobile-and-PC strategy MMO Lords Mobile is turning seven years old this week, I'm astonished to report, and to celebrate, the Singapore-based studio...

Have yourself a merry little Eudemons gift pack code for the holidays

Netdragon's F2P MMO Eudemons is in the midst of celebrating the arrival of the Mighty Lord Minotaur character, new Minotaur server, and even a...

Grab a Tower of Fantasy gift code celebrating Simulacrum, courtesy of Hotta and Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy, the multiplatform MMO from Perfect World's Hotta Studio and Level Infinite, is riding high in December thanks to the recent release...

Snag an ArcheAge Unchained Dark Shaman Raiment Outfit ahead of December 15’s fresh start servers

As we noted in our companion post, ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained are preparing another fresh start server for players hungry to try the game...