World of Warships holiday gift code giveaway for veteran and new players


Earlier this month, World of Warships began a 20-stage holiday event through which players score a Tier VII premium battleship and Kitakami cruiser from beta; it also gave away a bunch of premium time to new and returning players. And now Wargaming has granted us another special code for our readers, which unlocks a different batch of freebies depending on whether your account is new or veteran.

  • Veteran players unlock an Economic Rewards container that spawns boons.
  • New players pick up the same container as well as 7 days of Warships Premium Account time, 300 Doubloons, 1M Credits, 8x “Credits +40%” economic bonuses, 8x “Ship XP +200%” economic bonuses, 8x “Commander XP +200%” economic bonuses, 8x “Free XP +600%” economic bonuses. Plus, after 15 battles, new players get a free ship (either the Phoenix, Kuma, Courbet, Dante Alighieri, or Wakeful).

The code is:


To redeem the code, players should navigate to the World of Warships promotional page, click on the “GO TO ACTIVATION PAGE” to log into your account, and then insert the code. Your gifts will also be delivered to your Port. The code is live today and expires in June of 2024; it should work in all regions excepting the CIS. It’ll also work for both new and existing players!

Good luck and have fun!

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