EVE Online adds new ice refinery heists and AIR daily goals, calls its first Vanguard test ‘a massive success’


Havoc continues to reign and expand in EVE Online, as the spaceship gankbox has made a couple of additions related to the recent update that adds more things for piratical players to do and new AIR goals to chase.

The latest update has introduced a new ice refinery heist mission for insurgency systems under Stages 3-4 of corruption and suppression, which lets pirate-aligned capsuleers to raid the refineries and fight off security, or tasks faction-aligned players with fighting off attackers and escorting tankers back to their home base.

The patch also introduced AIR daily goals, which are designed to give a more varied series of tasks across multiple playstyles and a host of additional rewards. Progress tracking of these goals can be easily done through the related UI, and all players will receive the same tasks in order to encourage players to fly together.

The dev blog that outlines these updates also calls attention to a free ship skin, reminds players of 2025’s Fanfest, and provides a small debriefing from its recent Vanguard FPS closed beta, which CCP Games is calling “a massive success” as shooter players helped to apply more corruption to insurgency systems. The mode’s next test is scheduled to begin sometime in January.

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