Final Fantasy XIV shows off its new job actions in a nearly five-hour-long Letter from the Producer

Complete with strong eye contact

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV who are accustomed to the normal flow of information ahead of expansions will remember that usually, the media tour takes place before the job action trailer. But today, players didn’t just get a quick dispatch, they got more than four and a half hours of producer and director Naoki Yoshida recapping all of the job abilities coming for Dawntrail. That meant going over the two new jobs coming with the expansion and the abilities coming for other jobs, complete with a job action trailer to give a peek at these new abilities.

The action trailer can be viewed below; it gives a visual preview as well as an idea of some of the new abilities players can expect like the conversion of Huton to a trait for Ninja, a new gap-closing ability for White Mage, Scholar getting an angelic transformation, and Gunbreaker getting a new combo to unleash after the charge-based Gnashing Fang combo. There are also further UI changes such as the ability to automatically have abilities flow in sequence on a single hotbar spot, similar to how actions are managed in PvP, and numerous role-specific changes like improvements to Rampart, Addle, Feint, and Swiftcast.

Players can also look forward to a new US-specific cross-promotion with Mountain Dew complete with a Mountain Zu mount – yes, really – as well as the return of the Fall Guys collaboration. There’s a lot to unpack, but for now, check out the full action trailer just below and get ready to learn more from the media tour that’s already begun in Japan.

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