Survival sandbox MMO Myth of Empires launches its 1.0 build on Steam today


Myth of Empires is flinging open its doors today – right now, in fact – as the sandbox survival MMO launches on Steam at noon EST for the sale price of $35.99.

“The immersive sandbox survival MMO Myth of Empires, developed by Angela Game and published by Imperium Interactive Entertainment, is now available worldwide for PC on Steam,” Angela Game says. “Rise up from peasantry as you work to gather, craft, explore, hunt, research and build an empire worthy of legend! Form powerful guilds to try and survive unforgiving environments, fortify a homeland, and forge alliances with friends and foes alike to expand your territory. For those unwilling to bow to your might, assemble a mighty army, and vanquish all that dare defy you.”

Readers will recall that that Myth of Empires first came to our attention in 2021, when a knock-down drag-out fight with Snail Games and Studio Wildcard went to a round of lawsuits and countersuits in court and led to the game’s ousting from Steam over alleged copyright violations (it stood accused of ripping off ARK Survival Evolved). While the suits marched on, Angela Game launched an “International Vanguard Edition” in 2022, self-hosted to circumvent Steam’s block. But last fall, the companies apparently resolved their lawsuits, and the game returned to Steam without much public drama, paving the way for today’s formal launch and the release of the 1.0 build.

The 1.0 update includes the Dongzhou coastal island map, new crafting recipes, new land-based vehicles, new boss encounters, revamped boss AI, horse racing (!), improved modding support… it’s kind of a lot. There’s also a paid DLC of 10 musical instruments and a promise of “a steady flow of content [in planning] for the PC version with Persian, Greek and Egyptian maps in development with all new structures, weapons, tools and equipment, alongside a console release later this year.”

The game’s Steam page has already racked up a ton of reviews thanks to the folks in the previously launched international edition migrating from there to Steam, and thus far, the tally’s in the very-to-mostly-positive range.

Source: Steam, press release
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