RIFT celebrates its 13th anniversary with a splash of Carnival of the Ascended


Who’s still holding a torch for RIFT? I know I am, which is why the realization that this fantasy MMO is now 13 years old hits pretty hard — especially seeing how much it’s been neglected under Gamigo’s stewardship. But “neglected” doesn’t mean “abandoned,” and RIFT is celebrating those 13 years with the return of its Carnival of the Ascended anniversary event.

The Carnival kicks off today and takes place in several phases over the next month: “Beautiful and dazzling decorations have covered all major cities across Telara, making the celebrations even more cheerful, what is missing is only you, our beloved Ascended! Dive into the celebration for the next four weeks and get amazing rewards such as loot bags, mounts and much more!”

Fun fact: Carnival of the Ascended first appeared in RIFT back in February 2012, marking the one-year anniversary since the game’s head start launch back on February 26th, 2011.

Source: RIFT
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