Cozy multiplayer sandbox Palia heads to Steam early access on March 25


If you’ve been watching Palia’s journey through F2P open beta early access and wished you could just play the game through Steam instead of through Singularity 6’s launcher, then your wish is about to come true, as S6 announced this morning that the cozy multiplayer title is finally coming to Steam on March 25th. In fact, it’s properly cross-platformy; we asked S6 whether existing Palians can link their existing accounts to Steam too, and the answer is yes! “[P]layers will absolutely be able to link their accounts to Steam whether they’re on another PC storefront or Switch,” the team tells us.

“As [this is] a title supporting both cross-progression play and cross-platform availability on PC and Nintendo Switch, new players on Steam will be able to login across platforms where Palia is available to continue their cozy adventures. Through [the game’s] cross-platform availability, Palians can enjoy their favorite activities together, such as hunting, fishing, designing their homes and embarking on quests in the comfiest way, from their PCs to their couches.”

Do note the press release doesn’t mention that the game is still in open beta, nor does it expressly state that the game will be fully launched, simply available, so we’re assuming that it’ll be flagged early access on Steam (if this were the final launch, they’d be shouting it from the rooftops). Also, the press release today calls the game a “Cozy Sim MMO” for those folks keeping track of these things.

Players who join the Steam version in its first month will pick up a “snuggly Frogbert plush” in-game – and in one of the oddest promos we’ve seen, S6 promises to make the plush bigger depending on how many people wishlist the game on Steam. It’s a weird sort of incentive. Big Frog Plush is coming for you.

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Source: Steam, press release
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