ARK Survival Ascended shares a preview image of its mod creation tool as late October game launch nears


It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’re curious what words fans of ARK: Survival Ascended will think of when they take a look at a preview image of the survivalbox’s mod creation tool. And yes, a picture is all fans are getting.

The image itself shares what looks like the interface for the PC mod program with a creature created by a user by the name of Garuga123, while the post confirms that mods crafted with this new tool will be accessible across PC and console versions of ASA. The post also promises an October launch for the game once more, only this time it points to the end of the month as a release window. As we’ve noted several times, it’s beyond weird to be a month away from a supposed launch with so little information or hype, particularly given the public knowledge about the company’s financial travails.

The rest of the newsletter is otherwise full of some usual details, including the final voting for the Extinction map’s player-made creature, the final EVO event for Survival Evolved that runs until the servers shut down, and another gaggle of community artwork and videos.

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