ARK Survival Ascended still claims an October launch as it begins another player-made creature contest


ARK: Survival Ascended appears to still be motoring forward with its October launch plans in spite of the fact that it still hasn’t shown any gameplay footage – a fact that is causing many fans to believe the release timing is a bit too optimistic, especially in light of publisher Snail Games’ outstanding debt situation. Nevertheless, Studio Wildcard is beating the October launch drum in its latest newsletter.

Once again there’s another player-created creature contest for ASA on deck, this time for a critter to populate the Extinction map. Voting begins on September 18th and the winner will be revealed on September 22nd. And that winner may very well be like the asparagus monster that’s pictured above.

Otherwise the drawing down of ASE continues to move forward as scheduled, as the newsletter once again notes that official server saves can still be downloaded by players, confirms that customer support for the survivalbox’s official servers will end on September 29th, at 4:00 p.m. EDT, and dates the final wipes for ARKpocalypse and Beginner servers for September 30th.

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