Fractured Online suffered two more rollbacks and replaced server in nasty ‘streak of bad luck’


Fractured Online just can’t catch a break: Following a duping exploit, hard drive failure, and day-long rollback, the early access sandbox MMORPG is now struggling with fresh technical problems.

Last night, Dynamight Studios admitted that the Terra continent’s server “became unreachable and rebooted itself twice,” resulting in another rollback, although only about 15 or 20 minutes this time. But as of this morning, the server was acting up yet again, and the host replaced the server, blaming a “faulty motherboard and power cables” and leading to yet another brief rollback.

“The streak of bad luck this week just doesn’t want to end,” Dynamight’s Jacopo Gallelli lamented. “I’ve just put Terra back online and reopened logins. As expected, there are a few minutes of rollback to the previous save. In the meantime, we’ve decided to keep the old server (with the repaired hard drive) as a backup to be able to get any continent back online quickly in case of a new hardware fault. We’ve also decided to double the frequency of world saves (from 1 per hour to every 30 minutes), so there will be shorter rollbacks in the future. Apologies for all the downtime these last 3 days. Sadly this was entirely out of our control.”

Source: Discord
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