Fractured Online weathers downtime over a dupe exploit and a failing hard drive


If there’s an MMO community that’s more twitchy about hacks than Fractured Online, we haven’t met it. Nervous attitudes are to be expected, too, after last November’s hack that wiped out every player city in the game. Now the early access sandbox is grappling with yet another instance of “ongoing hacking” that threatens to destabilize the game.

Fragmented’s dev team took to Discord yesterday to announce that it was taking the MMO offline to deal with a dupe exploit that was running rampant. “For safety reasons, we must keep servers offline until the exploit is figured out and resolved,” the team said. “A short rollback may take place to fix the damage done.”

On Monday morning, the team lead added onto the woes, saying, “In a classic case of streak of bad luck, as we investigated the duping, we found out that the hard drive of the server hosting the continent of Terra had gone faulty. As we couldn’t wait for the host to repair it, I’ve replaced the server with a whole new machine, but that took me most of the morning to configure and test. I’m actually completing the testing right now as I’m typing this.”

The team currently is preparing a big Endgame Changer patch for this quarter with big adjustments to PvP, character builds, and character balance. A test server for the patch should go up by the end of the week.

Source: Discord
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