Conan Exiles was forced to roll back 780 official servers thanks to bugged thrall decay


It’s hard to make good help become your thrall in Conan Exiles these days, but a decay timer update applied for the summer was accidentally making thralls only hang around for a day before disappearing. Luckily, that matter has been fixed, but it did require a bit of a rollback on the official servers for it to happen.

Funcom confirmed that servers – all 780 official ones, anyway – had to be reset to a backup made on Friday, September 1st, in order to restore lost thralls. Obviously this does mean that progress made over the weekend has been lost, but the devs argue that this was the best solution for the problem. “While not ideal, given the time and hard-earned companions that players have lost, we feel that this is the best course of action to rectify the negative effects of this situation,” the announcement reads.

Apparently most of the player replies agree, and while the announcement thread was ultimately locked to further replies over derailment, it would seem as if the resolution is the best poison possible, all things considered.

“To avoid a similar situation in the future, we are adjusting our internal processes. Most importantly, we are instituting more stringent release review processes to help catch errors before deploying updates to the live servers and moving even minor server configuration changes away from Fridays.”

Compensation is apparently already en route.

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