World of Warships is the latest MMO to replace official forums with Discord servers


Another one bites the dust, friends: World of Warships has decided that forums are dead and Discord is the future, and has subsequently shut down its official forums over the past weekend with just three days of notice because of “different behavioral trends in [its] game community and the games industry in general.”

In addition to the above reasons, Wargaming posits that players were moving to Discord anyway and the game’s forum infrastructure was aging already. The studio has opened several servers for multiple languages and is further hoping to entice sign-ups by calling attention to features like regular events, Discord Drops, and direct peer-to-peer assistance. It’s also handing out a bundle of goodies for those who sign up to these servers.

“We understand that it can be hard to adapt to new community platforms; however, this end only signals a new beginning, as we’re now transitioning our communication and activities to our dedicated Discord servers,” the post explains. “We understand that this is a big change, and we’re here to help.”

Despite all of the offers, most players do not appear to be happy about the news, as many of the usual complaints about Discord as a platform in general (and specifically how it does not and cannot perform the same functions as an MMO forum) are brought up.

We should point out that at the time of this writing other Wargaming titles like World of Warplanes and World of Tanks still have their respective forums online. Still, at least one game under the company’s umbrella has brought its forums behind the wood shed.

source: official site via Reddit
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