Discord is shedding 17 percent of its staff as part of the company’s attempt to turn a profit this year

The month of January continues to prove itself to be a brutal one for those in the gaming and tech industries. This time around...

World of Warships is the latest MMO to replace official forums with Discord servers

Another one bites the dust, friends: World of Warships has decided that forums are dead and Discord is the future, and has subsequently shut...

Discord announces additional monetization via new subscription gating tools for server creators

For regular users of the chat program Discord, monetization of the platform began a potentially worrying trend when the company announced the server subscriptions...
Marching off to nowhere.

World of Warcraft reviews Community Discord program following backlash over non-disparagement and tracking software clauses

On May 5th, Blizzard introduced a new feature on the European community site, the Community Discord program for World of Warcraft. The idea seems...

Amazon is shutting down New World’s and Lost Ark’s forums next week in favor of Discord

Yesterday, I said in MOP's work chat that the New World team deserved kudos for being one of the few major MMO studios pumping...

Microsoft president and US intel say Russian operatives are targeting gaming for espionage

Earlier this week, we covered the bizarre but sadly believable news that the military secrets leak every major newspaper is currently focused on may...

Dark and Darker studio claims Nexon is trying to ‘bleed [it] dry in court fees’

Readers who were following the brewing legal drama between Korean publisher Nexon and Dark and Darker developer Ironmace might have suspected it would be...
I find the way.

Wayfinder promises ‘juicy details’ on testing, highlights part of its playable roster

After a holiday hiatus, the crew at Airship Syndicate is back to crank out development and testing for this year's Wayfinder. The team said...

Roblox faces lawsuit alleging it enabled the sexual exploitation of a minor

The company that owns and operates Roblox is facing an extremely serious lawsuit that alleges the game platform failed to keep a young girl...

Discord adds new forum channels feature to community channels

So you probably don't like having to subscribe to a game's Discord channel and go trawling through pinned posts and asking people just to...

Discord introduces new moderation tools for chat channels

The MOP community has been discussing moderation in MMORPGs quite a bit this week, and now here comes Discord to add another angle to...

Profane is seeking testers for its ‘first basic combat test’

Did you know that Profane has a Discord? There's a Discord for Profane. You should join it. The Discord. The one for Profane. The...
Bad people doing bad things.

The Daily Grind: What’s the most important medium you have for talking with your MMO friends?

There was a time, way back when, that I kept AOL Instant Messenger open on a regular just because it was the easiest way...

Breaking down Tencent’s extensive holdings across the video game industry

Riot Games, Epic Games, Netmarble, and Kakao. What do these companies have in common? If you said that they're all companies we talk about...

MMO Business Roundup: Discord crypto mess, Unity buys Weta, Roblox Q3 2021 financials

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news! Business business business... is this working? Discord: Well, Discord's gone and ticked off its...

MMO Business Roundup: Discord’s funding, Bungie’s lawsuit, and harassment in online gaming

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent business news. Discord: Investors love dumping money into Discord, and they're continuing the trend, as the...
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The Daily Grind: Do you follow Discord servers for specific MMOs?

On some level this might be a case of an old man yelling at clouds, but I really dislike joining Discord servers for specific...

Discord scoops up harassment-detection AI startup Sentropy

Happy Thursday: Here's your weekly argument over toxicity, moderation, and AI, courtesy of Discord, which has apparently purchased a company you've probably heard of...

Bethesda is shuttering its official forums and moving to Discord, Elder Scrolls Online’s forums will remain

Whether you like them for communication, commiseration, and news, or despise them because they almost never seem like happy places, the point stands that...

MMO Business Roundup: Discord, Ubisoft, Twitch, WB Games, Starfield, and more

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMO- and MMO-adjacent games industry news! First, let's talk about Clyde. He's got a bit of a makeover. Discord:...