Mobile MMORPG World of Zenonia resurfaces with a new name and planned connection to the blockchain

But in world form.

Back in March 2020 we reported on World of Zenonia, an upcoming mobile MMORPG based on the long-running series of action RPGs that primarily released on mobile devices but also landed a couple of times on the PSP and the Nintendo DS’s DSiWare. At the time of reporting, this new mobile MMORPG had no assets or information, offering nothing more than an announcement that it existed, though since the publisher was Gamevil, a global launch seemed fairly certain..

Now, word of the game has resurfaced in a couple of places, and it looks like the news isn’t particularly good: The title has a new name, Zenonia Chronobreak, and it’s apparently now a blockchain title, likely as a result of Gamevil being absorbed by Com2US Holdings in 2021, which launched a C2X blockchain platform that same year, followed by a pair of blockchain game releases. Indeed, a referenced official source states that Zenonia Chronobreak plans to “go beyond MMORPG,” which could be construed as an association with NFT and P2E nonsense.

Longtime fan reaction to the news hasn’t been particularly sunny, with many gamers bemoaning the blockchain link and the dreaded NFT creation that’s likely to come, while others seem to be thrown backwards in time to the series’ prior releases. With all that said, we can likely cut following this game off of our list; below are a few reasons why.

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