But in world form.

World of Zenonia announced as a new mobile MMORPG

If you aren't familiar with the Zenonia franchise, we understand. Not everyone has time to keep track of every mobile RPG, after all, but...

Mobile MMOs Talion and Mu Origin 2 have launched on iOS and Android

On-the-go MMOers have a couple of new options on the ever-expanding buffet of mobile titles, as both Gamevil's Talion and Webzen's Mu Origin 2...

Gamevil’s new mobile MMO Talion will launch May 28

Mobile gamers will soon have another option for getting their on-the-go MMO fix, as Gamevil will be launching its newest title Talion on the...

Preregistration opens for Talion, Gamevil’s new mobile MMO

Mobile game publisher Gamevil has announced that its upcoming mobile MMO Talion is coming to the U.S. and Europe, and players can preregister now...

Gamevil has begun Talion’s global rollout with Australian registrations

Man, we just did our "mobile games to watch this year" piece, but we forgot about this one: It's called Talion, it launched in...

Gamevil is launching autobattle mobile MMO Talion this week

Here's one we almost forgot about: Talion. We covered it last spring when Gamevil first announced its closed beta, which apparently ran all summer....

Mobile fantasy MMO Talion may have autobattle, but it doesn’t have autobeta

The other day I saw a gamer asking the community for a solid list of mobile MMORPGs to try out. Even with the proliferation...

ArcheAge Begins debuts its regional championship mode

Gamevil's mobile spinoff of ArcheAge, ArcheAge Begins, pumped out its fourth content update this past week. The focus this time around was the debut...

ArcheAge Begins churns out its first big update, activates ‘surprise’ login rewards

Have you tried the mobile revolution that is ArcheAge Begins yet? Don't worry, we haven't either, although it does look like a heap of...

Mobile MMO roundup: ArcheAge Begins, Paladins Strike, MU Origin, and Vendetta Online

Welcome back to another quick tour through the very latest in mobile MMORPG news. Let's begin at the beginning with... ArcheAge Begins Yep, the GAMEVIL-produced mobile spinoff...
Dark and subtle.

ArcheAge Begins begins pre-registration with signing bonuses

Sorry, we couldn't resist that intentionally confusing headline! Anyway, for those interested in checking out the mobile spin-off of ArcheAge, your time is now. Pre-registrations...

ArcheAge’s mobile edition hits app stores next month

Need a little of that ArcheAge magic on the go? You won't have to wait long; starting next month, Gamevil is going to roll...
All right, that's... this is super, you guys are doing super, sure.

Korean mobile MMO Royal Blood kicks off its closed beta on September 25

What is the new mobile MMO Royal Blood all about? We honestly can't tell you, unless the entire game is about fighting a bunch...

ArcheAge Begins puts a call out for Android mobile testers

ArcheAge Begins' title is never going to be as appropriate as it is right now. Gamevil's spin-off of XLGAMES' well-known MMO sandbox has just...

Devilian mobile launches worldwide

Following a limited rollout earlier in September, Devilian's mobile edition is now available to players around the globe. This mobile version of the action-RPG isn't...

Devilian’s mobile version has launched in eight countries

GAMEVIL announced today that it's ported Korean-born hack-n-slash MMOARPG Devilian to mobile -- at least if you live in Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the...

ArcheAge Begins mobile game arrives in August

We've been keeping an ear to the ground on XLGAMES' second attempt at an ArcheAge mobile game. Last year, the Korean studio announced it...
I don't understand what's going on here.

A TERA/Devilian mobile crossover game exists

All right. So what do you get when you combine TERA with Devilian? No, not the concepts of those games, the actual games. What...
If at first you don't succeed, etc.

ArcheAge mobile game will use Unreal Engine 4

Remember ArcheVille? No, probably not; it was an ArcheAge mobile game that was shut down rather quickly back in 2013. The important thing is...