Mobile MMO roundup: ArcheAge Begins, Paladins Strike, MU Origin, and Vendetta Online


Welcome back to another quick tour through the very latest in mobile MMORPG news.┬áLet’s begin at the beginning with…

ArcheAge Begins

Yep, the GAMEVIL-produced mobile spinoff of this core sandbox MMORPG has released on both iOS and Android worldwide, with 100K players having signed up for pre-registration. “Developed with Unreal Engine 4, ArcheAge Begins features impressive-looking character models and environments, intense strategic battles and engrossing online multiplayer features,” GAMEVIL says. (Thanks, Jason!)

Paladins Strike

Hi-Rez’s Paladins has come to mobile — kinda. Its mobile form, Paladins Strike, is now rolling out to iOS and Android. The initial release is focused on Australia and Oceania in conjunction with PAX Australia in Sydney this weekend.

MU Origin

Webzen has rolled out a big update for MU Origin on Android and iOS this week. Dubbed Ragnarok, the patch includes a new pet skill system, guild temple mechanics, and the PvP Ragnarok arena content.

“Anyone in Top 100 players in the Server Arena in the previous month can join ‘Ragnarok’ to battle the warriors from all server thorough rounds of 100, 64, 34, 16, quarter-final, semi-final and final,” says Webzen. “The exclusive title, MU Origin No.1 will be given to the final winner of Ragnarok.”

Vendetta Online

The devs behind space MMORPG Vendetta Online say they’ve “created a new cross-platform benchmark product, using the assets and engine of their long-running game,” which “allows a single unified CPU and GPU test to be run and compared between Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and soon iOS.”

“VendettaMark users may optionally submit their benchmark results, and dig deeply into their performance data via the VendettaMark website, allowing them to see the graphed measurements of individual frame performance over time. Additional features will be rolled out on the website in the future. The new unified benchmark provides a significant stress test for many mobile devices, while still providing a meaningful measurement for modern gaming desktops. The usage of engine, assets, and recordings of an actual game helps keep the results grounded in the “real-world” of gaming usage.”

Don’t forget that Pocket Legends Adventures also launched this week!

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