Spacetime Studios’ Pocket Legends Adventures has soft launched into open beta


Earlier this fall, we learned that Spacetime Studios was working on a new mobile MMO: It’s called Pocket Legends Adventures, an “homage” to what Spacetime says was the “world’s first 3D mobile MMO” — that’d be the ahead-of-its-time Pocket Legends, of course, which the studio followed up with Star Legends, Dark Legends, and Arcane Legends. And as of today, the game’s officially launched into open beta, meaning everyone can pick it up starting today on Android. It’s also on iOS, although that rollout will take more time; Aussie and Malay fans have access right now.

The new game’s not being called an MMO, as Spacetime seems to prefer multiplayer RPG, but it seems as much an MMO as the old game, with a big single-player campaign accompanied by multiplayer content. It’s being described as “an epic, action-packed multiplayer role-playing game for iOS and Android platforms” that boasts “innovative real-time combat, unique skill-based advancement, endless character customization, and extensive single player campaigns” that take “the mobile role-playing experience to a whole new level.”

“Social gameplay will be front-and-center in Pocket Legends Adventures, with Friends, Chat, and a wide range of exotic and humorous vanity items to apply to the avatars. Gamers can expect the same pick-up-and-play mayhem as the original series with several new multiplayer modes to enjoy with their friends. […] Game mechanics are casual but allow for deep character specialization, so players will be able to experiment with a wide variety of builds to fit their play style without sacrificing their favorite looks. Simple on the surface, with infinite character builds, Pocket Legends Adventures is a full-featured RPG distilled to fit today’s on-the-go lifestyle.”

Source: Spacetime press release, official site

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I tried it with an open mind. It’s a new game from a venerable studio and it has a lot of polish. It’s a lot like Sproggiwood in gameplay. The UI is pretty nice. It’s colourful and the combat is cleverer than most mobile titles. But it’s also got every deliberately engineered annoyance of mobile games jammed into one: timers to stop you from doing anything fun unless unless you pay to speed them up, endless login and playtime reward chests which you can buy with real money, microtransactions to access content, “quests” that consist of completing microtransactable actions. I played the first level, liked it, but knew I’d never want to slog through the unrelenting tide of login rewards and microtransactions. So, I uninstalled it after about ten minutes. Sad! It could have been fun if they’d sold it for a flat fee with no IAP, like Sproggiwood.