World of Warcraft emulator leaders attempt to soothe a skittish community


Following a nasty bout of corruption and scandal, the Elysium Project — a World of Warcraft vanilla emulator — has officially disbanded. In its place has arisen yet another emu, this one called Light’s Hope. But is there any reason to think that things will be better this time around? The project leads certainly hope so, which is why they posted a lengthy letter explaining the situation and attempting to calm down a disgruntled community.

In the letter, blame for Elysium’s issues is laid at the feet of two members who participated in gold selling and outright theft of funds. However, the remaining team has asked for no retaliation by the community: “At this time, several key members of the project leadership are stepping down and walking away. We expect most of the staff will follow suit given the information revealed here. What is done has been done — we are moving on and request that you do the same.”

The team said that it brought down the servers, wiped them, and relaunched them to guard against any potential selling of player information to third-party vendors by some of the old project members.

“We understand that we are abandoning a lot of brand recognition from both Nostalrius and the Elysium Project by doing this; however, we believe that the actions of two rogue staff members have irrevocably damaged the image of the rest of the staff and trying to pick up the pieces is not worth the hassle,” the Light’s Hope team said.

Source: Light’s Hope. Thanks Bart!

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Malcolm Swoboda

Obi Wan Light’s Hope, you’re our only, uh, hope.

Vinnie travi

I am playing on Lightshope and I am loving it. The PvE server has been great fun and really nice people. I can’t say the same of the PvP server, not the friendliest of people over there. I enjoy this game so much more than Legion. I do wish Blizzard would make a server. I know full well all my time and effort on LH could be gone in a instant and would feel much better with an offical server.

I do want to say if you like semi old school MMO’s such as EQ2, Lotro SoA, it is worth giving a try. It is slow going, things take time, you will die alot but getting a lvl 15 blue item in Vanilla feels better than getting a Legendary in Legion. Gear, potions, buffs, food all matter even while leveling. Something all current games have done away with.


Elysium has not disbanded. They are working on recovering data destroyed by Light’s Hope team, after stealing it to create a new server:

Grim? Darhk

couldn’t have happened to a nicer community.

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What a surprise getting screwed by people known to do illegal things. When the crooks get cheated by the crooks there is no reason to complain and definitley no reason for me to feel sorry about anyone.


Lol. That cone has to be getting soggy.


Is there a way I can get a text before the next update on emulators? I’d like to have some popcorn ready.

Bruno Brito

Good luck with that. WK is a former botter/goldseller, and people swear he changed. I honestly couldn’t care less. I don’t play LH. I’m ok with Kronos. I’m a big boy enough to understand how the world works, and that no one does work for free.

The Pottu drama is also a big redflag to me.


Lol, hopefully the next pirate server shuts down even faster ;P

Oleg Chebeneev

Its became much better after Elysium switched to Lights Hope. Particularly because there is almost no lag now compared to constant unplayable lag before. But Im too busy with Project Ascension – Sargeras to play regularly on LH


This is one of the reasons I don’t play — because it would let programming these people have done on my computer. I wish Blizz would just open official servers or license Nostralius (which is legally impossible according to Blizzard but apparently not in the case of Project 1999).