Pocket Legends studio Spacetime is working on another mobile MMO


Is it mobile MMO day or something? We’ll have covered seven different mobile MMOs in one way or another just today, and that’s without counting the Battlenet post and SuperData mobile standings. In fact, make it eight: Spacetime Studios just casually announced another one on Twitter.

Spacetime, you’ll recall, rose to prominence years ago for the Legends series (which coincidentally we were just talking about a few weeks back in Massively Overthinking) – first Pocket Legends, then Star Legends, Dark Legends, and Arcane Legends, mostly well-fleshed-out mobile cross-platform mobile-and-browser MMOs long before the trend caught on.

Now, apparently, the studio is working on another new game. This week, it posted signups for a strict-NDA closed beta testing round of the new title, which is expected to kick off on October 9th. From the signups, it appears the game will use Apple and Google accounts for login, it will be F2P with in-app purchases, and it won’t be crossplatform – it’s mobile only. While Spacetime doesn’t confirm it’s an MMO specifically, it discusses servers, server wipes, and character progress, and it invited its original MMO playerbases to test, suggesting it’s probably along those lines:

“We plan on wiping the server (and all progress, character names, etc.) at least once during the Closed Beta. We will definitely wipe the servers at the end of the Closed Beta period before we soft-launch. Nothing you acquire during the Closed Beta period (including your name) will be saved to your account.”

Let the speculation begin!

Source: Spacetime

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“Is it mobile MMO day or something?’

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it – does it make a sound?

*glares at MOP*