Korean mobile MMO Royal Blood kicks off its closed beta on September 25

All right, that's... this is super, you guys are doing super, sure.

What is the new mobile MMO Royal Blood all about? We honestly can’t tell you, unless the entire game is about fighting a bunch of monsters in a featureless black void over a pounding baseline. That’s where the trailer starts, and at 22 seconds it doesn’t really have time to go anywhere else. We can tell you that the game’s closed beta testing is starting on September 25th and running through September 29th in South Korea, though.

The game is supposed to feature “event-driven co-op gameplay” and is crafted with Unity, although no plans for a localized release or even a domestic release in South Korea have been announced yet. (Given the short beta test period, one can assume soon.) And hey, if you like trailers that are just what appear to be player characters killing stuff in a featureless void, the one down below will be a great way to start the day. Perhaps we’ll learn more when the beta starts.

Source: MMO Culture
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