Mobile MMOs Talion and Mu Origin 2 have launched on iOS and Android


On-the-go MMOers have a couple of new options on the ever-expanding buffet of mobile titles, as both Gamevil’s Talion and Webzen’s Mu Origin 2 have recently released for Android and iOS devices. Boasting “a sprawling open world created with stunning full 3D graphics and filled with epic quests and monstrous enemies to overcome,” Talion allows players to choose from four distinct classes and asks them to pledge their loyalty to either the noble and just Aegis or the power-hungry Bident as they venture forth into the “endlessly warring world of Nar.” New players can get a leg up on the competition with a free starter pack that provides “an abundance of in-game items.”

Meanwhile, Mu Origin 2, the second mobile offshoot of Webzen’s free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Mu Online, “blends the franchise’s predominant combat system and characters” with “improved graphics and amped-up gameplay.” Taking on the role of one of three classes — the Dark Knight, the Dark Wizard, and the Elf — players will “dive into competitive challenges including intense boss raids and PvP battles.” Both Talion and Mu Origin 2 are free to download and play on the iOS App Store and Google Play, and if you want to check them out in action, you can catch their respective launch trailers just below.

Source: Press Release
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