Mobile MMOs Talion and Mu Origin 2 have launched on iOS and Android


On-the-go MMOers have a couple of new options on the ever-expanding buffet of mobile titles, as both Gamevil’s Talion and Webzen’s Mu Origin 2 have recently released for Android and iOS devices. Boasting “a sprawling open world created with stunning full 3D graphics and filled with epic quests and monstrous enemies to overcome,” Talion allows players to choose from four distinct classes and asks them to pledge their loyalty to either the noble and just Aegis or the power-hungry Bident as they venture forth into the “endlessly warring world of Nar.” New players can get a leg up on the competition with a free starter pack that provides “an abundance of in-game items.”

Meanwhile, Mu Origin 2, the second mobile offshoot of Webzen’s free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Mu Online, “blends the franchise’s predominant combat system and characters” with “improved graphics and amped-up gameplay.” Taking on the role of one of three classes — the Dark Knight, the Dark Wizard, and the Elf — players will “dive into competitive challenges including intense boss raids and PvP battles.” Both Talion and Mu Origin 2 are free to download and play on the iOS App Store and Google Play, and if you want to check them out in action, you can catch their respective launch trailers just below.

Source: Press Release

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Talion has character creation that rivals most of the top end PC MMORPG character creators. It’s really very detailed with a great many sliders to really get into the details.

Unfortunately once you get in game, you can basically let it mostly play for itself for the vast majority of it. There are Realm vs. Realm activities that you have to actually manually play, but most of the game you can just leave that boring autoplay system on.

I don’t know if this will change later, but it’s been pretty easy to avoid PvP most of the time since it’s realm based. You’re not worrying every second about every person around you like in a normal open PvP game.

Talion is nicely translated, some okay stories to read through, it’s beautiful, lots to do, it has a lot going for it. It would be such a decent game if they didn’t include autoplay.

Talion has weird pricing. Some of the stuff is stupidly priced and they do have lockboxes, while some permanent mounts and things aren’t badly priced at all. It’s a strange mix of overpriced costumes and reasonably priced mounts, pets and wings.

Mu Origin 2 on the other hand, hah. There is zero customization. You pick one of the couple of classes and don’t select anything for looks, they all look exactly the same. Not only is it also mostly autoplay, but it’s horribly terribly pay to win and open PvP. People just constantly kill weaker players both for kicks and to keep them out of areas they don’t feel like sharing.

In Mu Origin 2 You just get ganked non stop and that’s not even counting the griefers, which there are also plenty of, but this also happens from the people who simply don’t feel like sharing. They have nothing to do in their real lives so they have all day to sit online playing a game so they’re higher level than everybody else. If lower people come to try to do tasks in an area that even slightly inconveniences them having to wait for the lower people, they just wipe them all out. If you try to return to the area you’re wiped out again, over and over.

The only way to compete is to sink massive amounts of money into their pay to win system. It’s just awful, the worst of pay to win combined with autoplay and open PvP systems. Very little redeemable about MU Origin 2.