Riot is launching a premium esports viewing option for League of Legends

Gosh, what a toolbox.

Do you wish to be counted among the elite of esports viewership? Do you desire the prestige of delicately consuming caviar-flavored Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew Private Reserve while partaking of your digital competition broadcasts? Do you have favorite League of Legends professional players you’d like to follow individually? If you said yes to all of the above – or even just the last one – you’re in the target audience for the premium service being offered by Riot Games for the upcoming League Championship Series and League European Championship.

Yes, the primary draw is tracking individual players and watching up to four simultaneous stream, making it a dedicated enthusiast option. The cost is low, at $14.99 for the LCS, €14.99 for the LEC, or $19.99 for both the LCS and LEC. All revenue will reportedly be distributed to the competing teams, but it will remain to be seen how many players take up the clarion call to pay more for the most elite of all streaming options.


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Kinda tempting as a support main would be fun to focus on them for a split

Nathan Aldana

..But most of the good players stream on twitch fer free…..


Please tell me that’s for the whole year and not a month.


So basically what Overwatch does with its All Access Pass.


I can’t imagine paying for this. But it must have somehow been successful for Overwatch then. I guess the same reasonings should work for LoL.


Depends if Riot throws in some incentives via skins or such. That’s what OWL does to try and encourage folks to watch their stuff and pay some money.