Mobile fantasy MMO Talion may have autobattle, but it doesn’t have autobeta


The other day I saw a gamer asking the community for a solid list of mobile MMORPGs to try out. Even with the proliferation of titles out there, that request is surprisingly difficult due to much of the current market being flooded with generic fantasy games.

Will Talion break that streak? Probably not, to be honest. Gamevil’s newest mobile title is currently in closed beta testing through June 5th and sports autobattling, standard PvE questing, and several PvP modes. It doesn’t even sound like you really need to be there to play it, but the studio wouldn’t mind if you took the time to load the beta.

At least it’s fairly good-looking, as far as mobile MMOs go. Take a look for yourself by watching a gameplay video of Talion after the break!


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steel hunt

I played it for couple of hours. I’ll briefly describe the game for you guys

1) 2 factions in conflict with individual faction maps, open world (your traditional portals + maps) , MMORPG style (reminds me of AIKA)
2) P2W? Most likely
3) Graphics: Not UE4, it is unity platform
4) Function likes the most traditional MMORPG
5) Game play: plays like your action RPG game (reminds me of raiderZ)
6) Boast for its faction-based massive pvp (gank fest) with pvp ranks etc.
7) Interestingly, it has an auction house (cannot access during CBT)

matthew forsyth

I really wish for an Atlantica online style mmo on mobile. none of this auto questing stuff. if they don’t think mobile players are able to successfully use the touch screen buttons for skills and movement why not just make a turn based mmo on mobile, i’d really love a game like that.

Tom R

I wish it was just the combat part like using skills for me etc so I can more easily grind while on the can.

All these game’s “autobattle” functionality literally plays the game for me – I just watch my little dude run to and from quests killing some monsters here and there all while wondering why I’m sapping my phone battery to watch some really boring gameplay.