Eterspire shifts from a browser-based title to a mobile MMORPG and is now available on iOS


What a difference two years make: When we last peered in on Eterspire, we found a low-poly in-development browser MMORPG that promised plenty of light-hearted genre tropes in a free-to-play format. Last week, the devs of the project announced the game’s release on Apple mobile devices and further summarized the game’s trajectory from browser game to mobile game.

According to the post, the team at Stonehollow Workshop first released a separate version of the MMO called Eterspire: Return of Salgaraak, but that project was ultimately reworked because of design issues. It was during that time that the devs decided to make the switch to mobile, noting that the platform itself is not the problem so much as poorly designed games and monetization. To that end, Eterspire’s official site still notes that the mobile release is still fully free-to-play.

Meanwhile on the game’s Discord, an FAQ from December notes that the devs are planning an Android beta test in the future, keeps the possibility of a PC and Mac port on the table (while still keeping that idea up in the air), and promises that montization will offer “mostly” cosmetics and gameplay updates will not transform Eterspire into an idle game.

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