Old School RuneScape adds Wilderness tweaks, talks forestry as RuneScape readies new quest line


If it’s mid-week, it’s updates to RuneScape and Old School RuneScape! We’ll begin with the latest patch to the former, which has once more made tweaks to the Wilderness like raised drop rates for the new bosses, as well as applied another set of Poll 78 quality-of-life updates in the form of color tintable crystal armor, pudgier coin pouches from a specific achievement diary completion, and more.

Meanwhile in RuneScape, this week’s newsletter is primarily about the upcoming Fort Forinthry quest line that’s due next week, starting with the first portion of the story subtitled New Foundations. As for the MMORPG’s weekly patch, that primarily brings a round of fixes and adds Devotion Sprites that can be caught to earn a gift box full of goodies between February 9th and 15th.

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