Wizard101 players are already ruining the fun of its recent Rate My Stitch feature


Sharing glamorous looks is arguably a large part of the fun in MMOs, so when KingsIsle decided to encourage that in Wizard101 with the in-game Rate My Stitch feature, we were pretty jazzed. Unfortunately, the problem with most MMO systems is other people, and players were reportedly manipulating ratings to climb the fashion leaderboard by one-star bombing others’ outfits so their own could get a top spot.

Mercifully, KI appears to be on the case. “We are reviewing these concerns,” reads an official reply. “The rating system does have some minimum requirement protections built-in, as we anticipated some of this behavior, but we’ll be considering additional measures as needed.”

We also do hasten to point out that this feature appears to be derived from player activity in the subreddit, where the Rate My Stitch fashion show posting is still going strong even after the patch, despite one redditor’s grousing about the matter. Just let people have fun, guys.

sources: Twitter, Reddit (1, 2, 3, 4)
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