War Thunder players have now leaked military documents a grand total of five times to win forum arguments

and we really must ask you to stop


So at MOP we include roundups at the bottoms of some of our articles when we have a lot of similar topics or related background context. You know what we should not have a lot of articles about? War Thunder players leaking military secrets on the forums to win arguments. Because this should never happen. But you know what we now have five articles about? War Thunder players leaking military secrets on the forums to win arguments. Certainly not two of them in one week because that would be insane.


OK, technically, this latest batch isn’t literally “classified.” Apparently, in the latest leak someone posted more than a dozen weapon system manuals for the F-15E, a US strike fighter plane used by multiple countries. The F-15E is not actually in War Thunder yet, but why let that little fact get in the way of dropping a bunch of documents in violation of ITAR laws?

No one’s gotten into any serious legal hot water over any of the leaks to date, we do hasten to point out, but it’s hard to see how it’s a great idea to try it. This would be an embarrassing and pointless thing to be prosecuted for. And as MMO Fallout notes, the forum mods have already scrubbed the thread.

Incidentally, the War Thunder Reddit is also not having any of this nonsense. “[I]f any of you idiots leak any export restricted or classified documents in this subreddit, I will personally shut this place down for a week to make the person responsible think long and hard about their life choices,” the mod wrote. “WT is a video game. Stop committing federal crimes over internet arguments about it.” Maybe take his advice.

Source: Reddit via MMO Fallout. With thanks to Greaterdivinity!
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