War Thunder fans leak yet more ‘restricted’ military info


What is it about War Thunder that attracts military hardware fanatics with no discernment in their discussion? Maybe there’s something gone bad in their MREs. Whatever it may be, the multiplayer vehicle battler is back in the spotlight this week due to a player sharing “restricted” military information on the game’s forums.

The documentation in question was a couple pages of the M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle’s technical manual. While the leak involved less sensitive material this time around, the forum moderators nevertheless quickly took it down just to be safe and banned the user who posted it.

Gaijin Entertainment provided a statement to PC Gamer on the situation, saying, “There was a post containing classified or restricted information regarding Bradley on December 12th. Our moderation team acted according to the protocols: They deleted the document within minutes, banned the user permanently, and explained the rules again to the other players.”

This has become an unfortunate if amusing refrain for the War Thunder community, as players keep posting sensitive military information on the game’s forums to show off or win arguments. Maybe… stop doing this?

Source: PC Gamer
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