Roblox conference cut short after police arrested an allegedly armed community developer


A seemingly benign Roblox developer conference abruptly turned frightening last weekend when an unruly developer in the crowd was arrested.

Games Industry reports that a Roblox developer named Mikhail Olson, also known as Simbuilder, was picked up by the San Francisco police on the suspicion of possessing a firearm and a large amount of armor-piercing ammunition in his vehicle. Olson apparently drew attention to himself at the conference by acting “disorderly” and resisted arrest when the officers came to the scene.

Olsen was well-known in the Roblox community for creating the popular Vehicle Simulator on that platform. Allegedly, he tried to enter an invitation-only event without a formal invite.

“After being arrested, the adult male told officers he had a firearm inside his vehicle,” the United States Park Police (USPP) said. “The firearm was recovered from the vehicle and the adult male was also charged with weapon violations.”

Roblox subsequently canceled the remainder of the event, saying, “In an abundance of caution, we have decided to cancel the Roblox Innovation Awards due to a potential security concern. We are working with all appropriate authorities and everyone is safe. We take safety very seriously. This is not how we wanted RDC to end.”

Source: 404 Media, Dextero, Twitter, Games Industry. Thanks Utakata!
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