EVE Online removes a contentious item from a cash shop bundle after player backlash


CCP Games decided to once again test the patience of the EVE Online playerbase this week after the studio offered – and then removed – a cash shop item included in a bundle that players saw as pay-to-win.

The entire affair was chronicled in the blog The Greybill, which focuses on a limited-time new Foundation Day pack that bundled up, among other things, a Wisdom of Gheinok booster that improves energy turret damage, armor repair, and booster energy for 48 hours.

This item caused a wave of backlash among players and the CSM – especially since EVE’s director noted in his recent letter to players that the Empire Day event was paused while the studio “[strengthened] the tools needed to bring [players] bigger and better content, faster and more reliably” while the event ended up being a themed cash shop sale instead.

Shortly after the imbroglio, CCP removed the booster from the bundle entirely and edited the original offer’s post. “We agree that the booster’s exclusivity tipped the balance unfavorably,” reads the studio’s mea culpa. “This was not our intention, and we appreciate the passionate feedback we’ve received from you.”

sources: official site, official forums, and Reddit (1, 2, 3) via The Greybill, thanks to Wilhelm for the tip!
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