A Counter-Strike player shelled out six figures for an AK-47 skin because it had flowers and stickers on it

Apparently, flowery gun skins are srs bznu


The worth of digital items can very often be attributed to personal preference no matter how much crypto-hawking gremlins would like you to believe otherwise. However, the skin trade of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is most assuredly the exception that proves the rule, and that has been made abundantly clear as someone pointed out a huge real-money sale for an AK-47 skin.

The sale in question was for Wild Lotus, a rare skin for an AK-47, which sold for ¥1,095,000 or nearly $159K US. The sale took place on Buff, a Chinese second-hand marketplace for CS:GO skins, and is noted as “factory new,” which is a random “float value” assigned to skins that can ramp up rarity. That value, combined with four rare stickers on the weapon from a 2014 Katowice esports tournament, meant it commanded huge money.

As noted before, the sale of CS:GO skins is a major outside trade, which can be confirmed from just a quick Google search – one such site sees skins selling for five figures. What’s even wilder is that replies to the tweet that highlighted the sale sees many players justifying the price tag. Go figure.

source: Twitter via Kotaku
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