Bungie prevails in court over racist creep who harassed and doxxed Destiny 2 staff


If you wanted another reason to appreciate Bungie – and another reminder that some online gamers are hella awful – a judge in Washington state has brought to an end a lawsuit Bungie lodged against a gamer who’d been harassing one of the Destiny 2 community managers, awarding Bungie a giant stack of cash in the process.

According to the complaint, which was first surfaced by paralegal Kathryn Tewson, one Destiny 2 player, purportedly angry over Bungie’s promotion of artwork created by a POC fan, began “campaign of racist, stochastic terrorism” against the community manager and Bungie; he began calling the CM and his wife, leaving racist and threatening voice mails and texts, demands for racist gameplay, prank pizza deliveries to their home address, and far more.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because we covered the brewing litigation last year when it was outed in court filings forcing Canadian telecom TextNow to turn over the perpetrator’s ID and call info – which should give you an idea how long it’s taken to wind through the courts and how much money Bungie has spent pursuing this creep and protecting its workers. In the end, the judge entered a default judgment in the studio’s favor, awarding it nearly half a million dollars in damages and fees.

Source: Case No. 22-2-10761-8 SEA via Twitter. Cheers, Andrew!
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