Galaxies of Eden devs cancel plans for social sandbox MMO to develop dubious AI-generated playground

Well, then, nope.

So remember how Galaxies of Eden had delayed its pre-alpha testing because of technical roadblocks and bugs? Well, we’ve finally heard from the studio behind the game again, and it’s… perhaps not what anyone was expecting. Instead, it’s the studio announcing that it is completely abandoning the social MMO that it was developing and will instead turn the whole game into an AI-generated system with “crudely sentient” NPCs able to remember what you say and do.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this is perhaps a belated and particularly unfunny attempt at an April Fools’ Day joke, given that the scope of what is being promised in the announcement is far beyond machine learning models as they currently exist. It also includes lots of little tells that would seem to make it sound like a joke. But the developers are insisting on Discord that this is entirely legitimate while also ignoring the sheer number of prospective fans saying that this removes their interest in the game. Perhaps the developer can also create AI-generated players.

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