PlanetSide 2 adds new abilities and MAX unit tweaks, previews developing construction updates


Did you miss out on PlanetSide 2’s testing of tweaks to abilities and MAX units? Well don’t worry too much about it because that patch has now gone live to the game proper, bringing several MAX unit balance adjustments, a variety of new faction-specific abilities, and a server update that makes button pushing on terminals more accurate and less squirrely.

In addition, the patch has applied some bug fixes, made a number of vehicle adjustments, and kicked off a double XP weekend in lieu of an April Fools’ Day event.

Meanwhile, the MMO shooter is offering players a look ahead at construction updates, which plan to introduce 10 new buildings to plonk down, make refinements to several existing buildings, and speed up the base building process by changing how construction outposts work. These changes are very likely arriving to PTS sometime in late April, but players can get a sneak peek now.

source: official site (1, 2)
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