Final Fantasy XIV adjusts PvP mechanics and adds weapon rewards for patch 6.38

Hollow Knee.

Today, you are not playing Final Fantasy XIV. The game is down for maintenance all day. But tomorrow, you can go back into the game and you can even enjoy an improved access to sharp bits of metal in order to injure people. The weekly limit for Unsung Blades of Abyssos has been removed, and players can now trade in coins from Aglaia to power up their weapons to the augmented versions. This will matter less in terms of raw power since you probably are already using the more-powerful Manderville Weapons for most of your main jobs, but if you want to grab those weapons and unlock dye options, now you can do just that!

The patch also includes several PvP action changes to go along with the release of the next PvP season. (Not series, season. You still have time to climb the ladder of the series for rewards.) Add to that some map changes and a reduction in how long it takes before the central crystal is unbound in Crystalline Conflict and there’s every reason for players to jump in and start killing each other for glory and potential fame when the game’s servers come back up on April 4th.

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