PlanetSide 2 is testing out server improvements, faction-specific abilities, and gameplay tweaks on PTS


There’s a new PTS build available for PlanetSide 2 and regular players of the large-scale FPS are probably going to want to take notice of it, especially since one of its marquee features is related to the game’s servers and how interacting with NPCs. That might not sound like much on the face of things, but “NPC” here means things like terminals, vehicles, generators, mission objectives, and most importantly CTF conduits.

The new server performance update will now make such NPCs make more focused checks on who is interacting with them, where previously they would query interaction requirements on any character in range, even ones that aren’t intending to use them or those within line-of-sight, which in turn bogged down server performance. In short, the devs would really like players to try out pushing the new, shinier buttons.

Better performing terminals aren’t the only portions of the PTS build, as it is also introducing abilities that are specific to factions for every class in the game, some of which are detailed further in the PTS patch notes. The build is also trying out several balance tweaks for infantry units, nose guns on certain aircraft, and a long list of MAX unit adjustments like the end of reviving MAX units.

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