galaxies of eden

Not so eden any more.

Betawatch: Galaxies of Eden abandons MMO for AI generation

So Galaxies of Eden's devs had a bit of a surprising drop this week when they decided that instead of building a nice big...
Well, then, nope.

Galaxies of Eden devs cancel plans for social sandbox MMO to develop dubious AI-generated playground

So remember how Galaxies of Eden had delayed its pre-alpha testing because of technical roadblocks and bugs? Well, we've finally heard from the studio...
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Sci-fi sandbox Galaxies of Eden shifts pre-alpha release to year’s end due to technical issues

Remember Galaxies of Eden? It's an in-development sci-fi sandbox MMORPG from indie studio MIR Cybernetics that looks to be a pretty close approximation of...
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Indie sandbox Galaxies of Eden shows off its launcher and lore

Bad news, Galaxies of Eden fans, the Earth does not fare particularly well in the game's backstory. Turns out that using the setting's gateways let...

Galaxies of Eden shares details of server vs. server endgame, Artist profession, and alpha testing dates

Galaxies of Eden, as we've noted before, has plenty of familiar trappings in an indie sandbox MMO package, and developer MIR Cybernetics Corporation is...
Well, then, nope.

Indie sandbox MMO Galaxies of Eden talks crafting and economy, shares a pre-alpha housing test

Looking for Star Wars Galaxies without playing Star Wars Galaxies? Then you probably have your eyes on Galaxies of Eden, the ambitious indie sandbox...

AA indie sandbox MMO Galaxies of Eden discusses classic vs. action combat switch and skill balancing

A month ago, we covered a new sandbox MMORPG under development by MIR Cybernetics Corporation: Galaxies of Eden. It's absurdly ambitious, with an alpha...

Galaxies of Eden is a new sandbox MMORPG with all the Star Wars Galaxies trappings

So here's a new MMO that just landed in our inbox: It's called Galaxies of Eden, and studio MIR Cybernetics Corporation is billing it...