CCP Games’ EVE Online-adjacent blockchain game Project Awakening confirms a December 6 playtest


Back in March we reported that CCP Games had begun development of Project Awakening, a blockchain game set within the EVE Online universe. The studio claims that the project will create “a new relationship between virtual worlds and players” through the use of “smart-contract blockchain technology” while CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson attempts to justify the use of blockchain tech by arguing it makes EVE more hardcore – and also gives CCP a cut of the existing ISK grey market.

However ill-advised this move to the game’s release is, CCP has announced a start date for a “confidential” Phase II playtest on Wednesday, December 6th. The studio has still not showed off any gameplay of Project Awakening whatsoever, as its official site is currently long on funding details and buzzwords yet short of information for gamers, so that means the content of this test is not really known. The sign-up page also confirms that selected testers will be subject to an NDA, so we’re not likely to know anything about gameplay for some time yet.

sources: Twitter, official site 1, 2)
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