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Leave your clothing on.

Revelation Online introduces new gear for CBT3

Do you pride yourself on not needing any stinking badges? Turns out you're wrong; the actual line is that you don't have to...
Wow, this open-pvp gankbox has a dearth of players? This is my shocked face.

The Exiled puts forth its plans for dealing with feedback

The last few weeks for The Exiled (the game formerly known as Das Tal) have provided the developers with a lot of feedback....
There once was a lady from... actually, no, not doing this one.

Master x Master introduces Kat the Cat and V-Merang

If there's one thing Master X Master does not lack, it's characters for players to use. If there's a second thing it doesn't...

The Division’s beta starts on January 28th

Rumors swirled earlier this week that The Division would start its beta testing this month; lo and behold, the rumors are true....
And here we go again.

Overwatch beta is taking off for winter break

Everyone needs a break sometimes. It's a chance to step back, examine what's going on, take a few deep breaths, all of that good...