Pantheon influencers show off pre-alpha MMORPG footage as Visionary Realms loses a marketing staffer


Is Visionary Realms attempting to staunch the bleeding of player trust, or this all just part of an existing plan? That’s certainly up for debate, but the fact remains that there are a whole lot of videos dropping from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen influencers as they share some footage from the game’s November MMORPG pre-alpha.

Videos from DesrynDoes and Nathan Napalm showcase some live gameplay from the most recent build of Pantheon from both a purely visual standpoint and a group gameplay standpoint respectively. As one might expect, both videos are a bit effusive (Napalm’s especially), but for those who are eager to view where things stand, the footage can be seen below. Additionally, further details are being promised by content channel PantheonPlus in a December 1st AMA livestream, which heralds the end of the channel’s verbal NDA and promises that “all beans will be spilled.”

In other Pantheon news, Anthony “Minus” Guidi announced his resignation from Visionary Realms on Discord as he moves from doing part-time marketing work for the MMORPG to a full-time role at Adidas, all while being similarly upbeat about Pantheon’s about-about face from 247 extraction to actual MMORPG development. “I am very excited for where the project is now heading, and the refocus on the MMORPG after pivoting with the feedback of the community is a strong and important footnote to the importance of our community,” Guidi writes. “I commend the team at VR for always being willing to consider ways to improve the state of Pantheon, speed up delivery, and expand our team.”

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sources: YouTube (1, 2), Reddit, Discord
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