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EVE Online blockchain spinoff Project Awakening begins Phase III and ‘hackathon’ testing today

CCP Games is continuing to push forward with Project Awakening, the blockchain side piece/spinoff of EVE Online, as the game is launching into its...

Pearl Abyss Q1 2024: Revenues hold steady as Crimson Desert gears up for reveals

Pearl Abyss makes its English financials website a bit of a navigation nightmare, but the company's Q1 2024 earnings presentation is indeed up -...
Yay, I guess? Who cares.

Betawatch: MultiVersus rises from its grave

Everyone was a little suspicious when MultiVersus shut down and promised it would be back again some day, since we were all pretty sure...

CCP Games’ blockchain EVE Online spinoff Project Awakening plots next test phase for May

I can't blame you if you can't temper your skepticism for CCP's Project Awakening, both because CCP Games is notorious for failed EVE Online-universe...

Pearl Abyss Q4 2023: Well at least EVE Online had a good financial year

Pearl Abyss, best known to MMO fans for Black Desert and CCP Games' EVE Online, has continued its humdrum financial performance in Q4 2023,...

CCP Games’ EVE Online-adjacent blockchain game Project Awakening confirms a December 6 playtest

Back in March we reported that CCP Games had begun development of Project Awakening, a blockchain game set within the EVE Online universe. The...

CCP Games’ CEO defends Project Awakening’s existence as the studio seeks a blockchain ecosystem dev

Any cryptocurrency-focused video that opens with a gigantic legal disclaimer stating its content shouldn't be taken as legal or financial advice should immediately set...

CCP Games officially unveils plans for a new blockchain game set within the EVE Online universe

For many players, it was probably a matter of when EVE Online developer CCP Games would dip into the blockchain gaming space, not whether,...