Happy New Year to all the uplifting things in MMOs, 2023 edition


Last night, we offered up our traditional list of all the reasons we can’t have nice things in the MMO genre and digitally roasted them in our New Year’s Eve bonfire. Not really, though. We need those posts for posterity. But this morning, it’s worth remembering that this genre is a nice place to be, actually.

As we chronicle in MJ’s Massively Uplifting and our “warm fuzzies” category, this genre plays host to some incredible gamers and devs, generous charities, touching tributes, and  player contributions, and it’s important that we never lose sight of that even when we’re shining a spotlight on its deepest shames. So to usher in 2024, we’re recapping some of the happy MMO stories that 2023 delivered to us and the rest of the gaming community, from that time players saved a game whose dev was sick to the time gamers raised truckloads of money for earthquake relief in Türkiye.

Happy New Year, everyone. May our 2024 warm fuzzies list far exceed the bad one!

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