This WoW Classic addon adds AI-generated voiceover to every quest NPC in the game


There is a lot of quest text to read through in World of Warcraft Classic, so the prevailing solution has been to absolutely blitz through the flavor text and just look at the instructions on the honey-do list UI element. However, those who are looking for a little more immersion in their questing without resorting to reading things (sure, why not) have a new option thanks to the VoiceOver Classic addon.

This addon gives “high-quality AI-generated voices” for the questgivers across the entire MMORPG, with different voices based on each race and gender. The addon was demonstrated by YouTuber and livestreamer Nixxiom, showcasing how the given NPC AI voices do their usual Fred Astaire-like tap dancing around the uncanny valley.

Of course, this addon does bring to mind one of the reasons that SAG-AFTRA is on strike against Hollywood. Whether that’s a mental hurdle you’ll have to cross or not, you can see the addon in action below; we’ve skipped the video forward to bypass the minute-long stint of needless YouTuber padding.

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