Lord of the Rings Online’s player concert jam Weatherstock returns for its 15th year


One of the great community success stories of Lord of the Rings Online is its annual Weatherstock concert jam. Taking place at the summit of Weathertop (hence the name), this Landroval server event puts player bands front and center for a full day of merriment and music.

And now Weatherstock is back for its 15th year! The big event takes place across the day on Sunday, July 22nd, but it will be preceded by a two-day concert series on the Hill above Frodo’s house on July 15th and 16th.

“So why should you attend?” the concert’s organizer asked. “I mean, aside from these legendary lineups? Why, the goodies! Not only will our army of yellow and black-clad Tinkis have tons of the finest snacks, drinks, and other goodies to give away for free in-game, you can also earn a title for your entire host of characters just by being there!”

Source: LOTRO
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