A Final Fantasy XIV player snagged 100% of the game’s achievements… just before the 6.5 patch

So maybe not right now


Before Tuesday’s arrival of patch 6.5, Growing Light, Final Fantasy XIV had 2,751 achievements. That’s a lot. It’s even more when you consider many of them, such as levequests, are timed in such a way that you can’t possibly do more than your allowances permit. So it’s kind of a big deal that a Japanese player finally managed to clear every single achievement in the game, from levequests to dungeons to raids and everything in between. Or at least had cleared them all before the 6.5 patch.

Aside from the time-gated clears, this effort also entails completing every Deep Dungeon possible solo, accumulating huge amounts of treasure from everywhere, earning an immense amount of gil, and also mentoring a ton of players. Of course, this was also very shortly before a patch that added new achievements, and the player has subsequently set the character profile to private. Still, that’s a whole heck of a lot of playing right before new achievements dropped, and all with the next expansion on the horizon. Maybe take it as a poignant reminder that you should stop putting off that achievement hunt of your own.

Source: Polygon
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