Artifact Krewe, a Guild Wars 2 exploration fan game, is out now

Oh no, I'm stuck playing an Asura?!

Is your favorite part of Guild Wars 2 getting to explore maps, jump around, discover treasures, and generally just see what the world has to offer? We can understand exactly where you’re coming from. So can Skrool, the creator behind the new fan game Artifact Krewe that is all about exactly that. Play an Asura who’s running around, seeking treasures, solving puzzles, and uncovering mysteries. That’s the game. No need to smack things in the face with a hammer until they stop feeling dangerous.

The entire game has a lovely soft-focus style that should feel at once instantly familiar to GW2 veterans while still being novel, and the whole game is available for the low price of free. If you have the urge to do some Tyrian exploration but don’t want to do so in the main game, this seems like a perfect chance to hop around and do some artifact discovery. There’s even a trailer just below.

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