Glorbo lives on thanks to the mischievous scamps in the Destiny 2 community

Yep, they pranked more AI clowns


Here’s a copycat we’re more than happy to see: The Destiny 2 fanbase now has a Glorbo of its own, doing good works in the world.

Last week, the World of Warcraft Reddit community ensnared an overt scripter/scraper website that was using a bot to turn thousands of Reddit threads into articles; the Redditors invented a patch note revolving around the made-up Glorbo and waited for the scraper to scoop it up, which it then did, without a shred of skepticism because again, it’s a bot.

Now, as IGN notes, the players of the Destiny 2 subreddit have joined the fun with their own version of Glorbo, also called… Glorbo. OK, it’s not original, but it doesn’t matter because that wasn’t the point. D2’s version of Glorbo is a secret raid boss, of course, not a goofy expansion.

In fact, there are so many Glorbo posts (and they’ve tricked so many sites) that it’s starting to fool actual players (maybe?) and annoy them. It’s really hard to tell who’s sincere when so many people are in on the bit! But listen, gamers defeated blockchain and NFT trash; taking on AI sleeze is the next logical step. I certainly don’t need to remind you to stick to real websites with actual writers, right? Right.

Yesterday, MOP’s Eliot penned a piece on Glorbo’s extremely serious and very truthy origins – and why we think the idea resonated so strongly with the WoW community in spite of being a joke.

Source: Reddit via IGN. Cheers, PaJamas!
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