SWGEmu celebrates Star Wars Galaxies’ 20th birthday year with a tribute video


Yes, Star Wars Galaxies celebrated its 20th anniversary back in June – we wrote all about it – but we like SWG ’round these parts, so we’re happy to celebrate it again thanks to a new video from SWGEmu, the original rogue server for the game, which has been running since well before the sunset way back in 2011.

The video opens with a mean trick: The opening credits for the game, complete with the iconic Tatooine sunset music, sure to make you nostalgic for the game, the classic movies, or both. It’s not a voiceover video, mind you, and there’s no commentary; it’s just a series of in-game sequences that show what the game was capable of (the good and the bad) in terms of environment, weather, NPCs, questing, and combat, all pre-NGE. Plus, every video could benefit from a John Williams soundtrack.

Happy birthday, SWG… again!

Source: Twitter
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